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What’s Communist in Scrum?

Agile-Communist-ManifestoAn interesting article (Does XP/Scrum Violate the “Agile Manifesto”?) looks at the Agile Manifesto and some striking terms or sentences with Communist smell. “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

It sounds great, I know. Empower the collective over the individual and over the machines!… I lived half of my life in a former Communist country and I recognize the speech. 🙂

Agile and in particular Scrum are good enough frameworks when it comes to some practical aspects, such as peer code reviews, continuous integration, automated builds and tests. They may also simplify somehow the way we manage requirements and tasks now, through the backlog items.

The really dangerous part is when it comes to the ideology. Because Agile and Scrum come certainly with an ideology, with brain washing, with “you should change yourself the way we tell you to be successful in Scrum”. You’re no longer responsible alone for what you do, the “collective” is. Your “Master” is actually your “humble servant”, we take all your titles away (but we give you plenty of new roles to enjoy), etc etc etc.

Even more diabolical is when you take the blame because you cannot succeed. “You haven’t been Agile”! You used a “Scrum-But”! “It’s your fault!” Scrum is both pointing the finger to you, but takes care of you as well, in the most pathetic way: “Expect to fail, but then inspect and adapt”.

…I know many of you are so fond of this crap and take so religiously the imperative commandments of Master Ken and Master Jeff, when you’ll wake up it may be too late. I’ve seen for so many years how this kind of bullshit can damage millions of people. When methodologies come with such a big amount of “psychologies”, something smells bad and rotten. Follow some methodologies, but leave aside plenty of these crap. Those guys have been just consultants like you and looked to make some money. A lot of money.


2 thoughts on “What’s Communist in Scrum?

  1. Scrum targets IT companies & prototyping allowing the exclusion of smart people while prototyping is replaced with communist ideology (meaning people that are communis and thus enemy in ideology, spies?? Saboteurs??t) on places of technological development making development more complex than optimal-prototyping. Also The name Agile or Scrum sounds like technology bit, it is ideology referring to communist people.

    It sure does smell fishy, it is like the perfect psychological mass sabotage weapon. An engineered ideology, it is to perfect at causing MAXIMUM DAMAGE at the heart of development. This according to my opinion has been designed as a Psi-Weapon a psychological weapon making people indoctrinated, basically saboteurs that exclude good programmers. VERY Suspicious. We felt the need for defense and started Section 21 realizing it’s HUGE danger, I’m confident it is a weapon of mass destruction, too perfect, it’s engineered-ideology for sure with a design to do damage making this sort of a Psi-Attack, dangerous people are behind it, this has been engineered, indoctrination actually is causing brain damage to some people, since they become immune to reason:: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/communism-workplace-remi-van-dongen-ph-d-compsci-?trk=prof-post

    We still haven figured everything out, but I’m sure it is VERY dangerous, in The Netherland now ALL companies seem to use it excluding me from work for years since I’m anti-communist. It sure is a communist weapon by design. We are still looking into it. But you are right, this is VERY strange, can I invite you to Section 21, you will find us I’m sure.

  2. Remi van Dongen, you need to calm down. Everything is ok. The world is not in danger. The Crypto-agile-kgb-communists won’t touch you. I’ve discuss this with them .They mentioned that they are not interested in your extreme ideas. Now they have more serious issues e.g. how to fight with attacking UFO and bigfoots. If scum/agile is so bad, it will fail in the same way as all communistic regimes had already failed. Don’t worry, be more attentive to your nervous system. No worries!

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